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Want to Sell More Products Online?

Join the Magnetic Website Formula and you'll:
> Skyrocket your sales online
> Turn your website into a customer magnet
> Automate your sales system


You know that brilliant product you created? Imagine if you could finally start selling it - on autopilot?

How would you feel if you had a steady flow of high quality visitors to your website? And those visitors quickly became paying customers? 

How would it change your business if your average sale dollar value was higher? If your profit margins increased and your customers bought from you more often?

How would it change your business and your life if you could:
>> Start attracting customers to your website like bees to honey.
>> And seeing your products fly off your digital shelves.
>> You could cut through the "busy-ness" and get on with business - selling more products, profitably and effortlessly.  

Keep reading to discover how to create your own simple-to-set-up, profit-generating sales system plan...

Do you know the #1 mistake that stops entrepreneurs with product-based businesses from making the whole online-thing work (that is, actually making money)?

They don't have an effective sales system plan in place. 

Instead they spend all their time and energy focused on the low-stakes stuff (like having a pretty logo, the perfect packaging, and a Facebook page with lots of fans) without realising that NONE of it will get them ANYWHERE if they don't have a way to convert all their hard work into sales.

OR they try every marketing strategy, tool, app or tactic and nothing really works. It's like throwing jello at the wall and hoping it'll stick! 

The end result? A business owner who's completely overwhelmed, burnt out, unhappy, and resorting to deep discounting just to scrape by.

But it doesn't need to be this way..




The ONLY course designed specifically for Productpreneurs!

This is a game-changing online program for product-based business owners who want to learn how to attract more paying customers to their website and skyrocket their sales online.

Get ready to discover:

  • How to capture a stream of ready-to-buy visitors who are looking for your products - that is, make your website into a CUSTOMER MAGNET!
  • The essential pillars for online sales success in a product-based business. 
    How to position your product for profit.
  • Designing your own high-converting magnetic website formula (that is - your customer attraction and sales system).
  • Creating consistent sales using simple but effective sales automation techniques and strategies.
  • How to systemise your website sales and generate revenue on autopilot!

Why learn this from me?

8 years ago I started my own business from scratch. And when I say scratch, I mean from zero online presence. No web store, no database of emails, and no tech experience. Just me and the dining room table.

I designed and manufactured my own products and built my business from zero to international. Without a big team of people, and using the exact same strategies I teach in my program.

Now I want you to experience this kind of success too.

I'll show you the EXACT steps you need to follow in order to fast-track your business to the next level! The Magnetic Website Formula really is a proven system for driving a stream of ready-to-buy visitors to your website who are looking for your products.

It is very much a replicable process that you can apply to your own business (as proven by my clients.) 

Not only do you get access to my experience and success as a Productpreneur selling online - I also bring to the table a 10 year corporate career in brand and digital design, working on brands from Coca Cola and Blackmores to Commonwealth Bank and Deloitte.
In my experience, websites and marketing automation are only ever as successful as the content and strategy you plug into them. The technology alone will not make you millions.
Learning from me, you get my unique approach that combines brand building, usability design, marketing strategy AND sales automation.
The end result? Your website is optimised to convert more visitors into paying customers and your sales system becomes a well-oiled, automated machine!
This is what I mean by a Magnetic Website – it’s a customer magnet and a sales machine all rolled into one. 

& now it’s your turn! The MAGNETIC WEBSITE FORMULA is without a doubt the fastest way to get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Take a closer look inside the Magnetic Website Formula program:

The Magnetic Website Formula is designed to show you how to turn your website into a sales conversion machine. You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it, to ensure you get results quick!
You don’t need a lot of tech tools, complicated marketing strategies, pricey software or a bunch of bells and whistles to make it work. Your plan can be simple AND profitable. I’ll show you how.

  • First, you will discover how to easily map out your unique pathway to a magnetic website so you know what you are going to build out from the get-go.
  • From there you will learn what's needed to quickly and easily find your perfect customers online.
  • Next, you'll discover how to map out your customers' buying journey and use this to design the perfect customer experience online.

  • First, you'll discover how to intentionally position your products so your customers find them truly irresistible.
  • You'll create your strong and compelling value proposition and learn how to use this to figure out the right pricing strategy.
  • You'll also spend time setting some sales goals so that everything you do is focused on achieving these as quickly as possible.

  • First, after reviewing multiple customer magnet examples and insights from other product-based businesses, you will learn how to design your own unique customer magnet.
  • From there, I'll show you how to set up a high converting email opt-in to collect names and emails and grow your list of potential customers!
  • You'll learn how employing the power of targeted email marketing strategies can truly help you grow your business and make more sales online.

  • First, you will discover how to map out three highly effective automated email sequences designed to direct your customers down the path you want them to go - that is, from visitors into happy paying customers! 
  • From there, you will dive into writing a series of simple emails that will sell your products with impeccable style and efficiency.
  • We'll also take a look at your overall sales strategy and ensure that your sales conversions are set to autopilot and you're set up to maximise your profit with each customer, while maintaining integrity and authenticity at all times!

  • In module 5, you learn some simple, effective yet inexpensive strategies to drive more traffic to your website. Don’t be shy – it’s time to spread the word about your awesome products loud and far!
  • You will have the opportunity to learn how to rank in Google organic search results and help your ideal customers to find you.
  • Content Marketing is an integral element in any online marketing plan, and you'll learn the most effective way to use content to generate traffic for an eCommerce business.
  • And I’ll be teaching you how to set up the most highly profitable Facebook Ad strategy specifically for product-based businesses!

Don’t delay your own success story!
You CAN transform your website into a sales magnet in as little as 30 days, AND set your business up for massive sales growth!

BONUS ~ receive group coaching and a personal review: 

Everyone who completes the core modules in The Magnetic Website formula ends up with a completed sales system and marketing automation plan. BUT, sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re taking the theory and applying it correctly to your own business, OR if you’re a solopreneur, it can be really tough to brainstorm creative ideas and come up with the best solutions on your own.
That’s why I’ve added in elements of personal coaching, so you also get access to my expertise and personal involvement in designing and creating YOUR tailored Magnetic Website Formula. You get:
Personal attention in our private Facebook group:
Strategy and ideas are great, but implementation is King! In our private Facebook group you get access to me as well as networking with the members of the group – if two heads are better than one, then many are better than two!
A personal review of your Magnetic Website formula:
Program members get to submit their plans to me for personal review. I will respond with feedback, ideas and insights, and point out possible mistakes. I’ll make sure that you have a flawless plan for online sales success!


Check out what others had to say...

Sarah Cross

Nest Projects
"After implementing Catherine’s steps to creating a website sales magnet, I doubled my online sales within 6 months! Not only did I start making more profit working less hours - for the first time I felt less stressed, more confidence and more enjoyment in my business."

Natasha Hawker

Employee Matters
"Catherine is masterful at building solid, profitable relationships and developing creating email marketing strategies to catapult her students' online sales and quickly improve their bottom line. She knows the inside secrets of how to sell more products online with less effort. If you get the chance to have Catherine on your team, go for it - she'll make you money!"

Valerie Petersen

"After working with Catherine and implementing her marketing automation strategies, my website sales increased by over 40% in 6 months! Before that, sales on my website had been static. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cath to any product-based business owner who is serious about growing their online business."

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The complete Magnetic Website Formula
Training videos, worksheets & checklists 100% online
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