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How To Run A Successful eCommerce Product Launch


How To Get Free Product PR In Major Media

How to get free PR in major media

How cool would it be if you could get your business or brand in front of a big captive audience full of your ideal customers – for free? That’s exactly what PR can do for you. PR, or public relations, means gaining exposure to the audiences of media (such as news media, magazines, TV, radio) […] Read more…

7 Steps to a Successful Product Launch

7 steps to a successful product launch

Planning a new product launch or promotional campaign in your business? Either for your online store, or wholesale? There are a number of essential ingredients that produce a successful product launch or campaign result. Make no mistake – “winging it” will never give you as good results! (As they say – if you fail to […] Read more…

How to get bloggers or influencers to share your stuff


Publicity – A.K.A getting others (media, bloggers, social media influencers) to share your stuff for free – has been around for donkey’s years. As a brand selling direct-to-consumers or an eCommerce store, there are three solid reasons why you want to get bloggers or influencers to share your content. (That could be sharing your blogs, […] Read more…

Skyrocket your brand with these 5 proven steps

skyrocket your business in 5 proven steps

One of the main things that sets me apart in the sea of business coaches and online marketing consultants is that I’ve operated two different physical product businesses (that generated millions of dollars in sales). You see, there is this BIG LIE floating around that there can be a “one size fits all” solution guaranteed […] Read more…

What’s in a brand (and does it really matter?)

What's in a brand and does it really matter?

Great brands have always been defined by great products. But the product alone does not equal your brand. Over a hundred years ago, cattle farmers used branding irons to indicate which animals were theirs. As cattle moved across the country, it was easy to determine which farm they were from because each head of cattle […] Read more…