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How to plan a killer Christmas campaign

How to plan a Christmas promotion or campaign

It’s coming up to that time of year where all eCommerce businesses are planning their Christmas campaigns. Many small business owners find it difficult to plan a successful Christmas promotion (or any promotion for that matter!). Whether this is your busiest time of year, or you need to engineer a boost in sales to prevent […] Read more…

How to Sell (Without Being Salesy!)

How to sell without being salesy

Learning how to find your customers and then getting comfortable ‘selling’ is a huge deal. Converting website visitors, email subscribers and social media followers into customers is a huge deal and generating consistent profit is the goal for all of us, right? This week I’m a guest on the Mums With Hustle podcast, where I walk […] Read more…

The Productpreneur’s Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing (part 1)

The Productpreneur's Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Just to give you the heads up – this post is part 1 of a 2-part comprehensive guide to ecommerce marketing for Productpreneurs. (You can find Part 2 over here.) As a Productpreneur selling physical products online, one of the highest-impact marketing strategies you can have in your toolkit is email marketing. And believe me, […] Read more…

Are You Boring Your Customers?

Customers Don't Buy Widgets So Don't Bore Them With Product Details

A few weeks before Christmas, I went to my husband’s work Christmas party. I was sick as a dog at the time, but I put on my big girl panties (along with a tonne of under-eye concealer and my biggest smile!) and went along like the good wifey I (sometimes) am. And I got stuck […] Read more…

10 secrets to a successful Christmas promotion


The most magical time of the year has taken over our minds and to-do lists. Apparently it’s only 5 weeks until Christmas, which kinda freaks me out! Personally I can’t even start thinking about Christmas shopping until the last birthday of the year is over on November 25th. (I’ll never forget having an exactly 1-month […] Read more…

3 eCommerce Sales Automation Tweaks That Made a $30K Difference

3 marketing automation tweaks that made a $30K difference

What a difference a tweak makes! If you’ve spent any time talking to me, working with me or reading this blog then you’ve likely picked up how firmly I believe in sales automation. Sales automation is like cloning yourself in your business several times over – it allows you to create personalised and timely communications […] Read more…

How to write emails that persuade, promote & profit

Email writing tips to persuade, promote and profit in your online store

Do you use email marketing to grow your eCommerce sales? When I started my first business, I spent hours googling for tips on how to write my marketing emails. I’d heard about eCommerce businesses using email newsletters to increase sales, and that’s still true today. In 2017, the most successful online stores send email newsletters out […] Read more…