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How to get more clicks on your Facebook Ads


The three key elements behind highly profitable eCommerce Facebook Ads Facebook continues to dominate the digital ad space, and with good reason. 1.39 billion people use Facebook every month, and not only that, we spend A LOT of time on there. The average person spends 40 minutes each day on Facebook! That’s a big captive audience […] Read more…

How to not panic when Facebook changes things!

How to not panic when Facebook changes things

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg and the powers-that-be at Facebook dropped a huge bombshell on us. They announced a major change to Facebook’s algorithm that will completely change what we see in the Facebook news feed. The winners? Us – Facebook’s users. The losers? Pages. (Brand pages, public figure pages, media pages etc.) Here’s my take […] Read more…

How to put your business on the map with a product launch