Growth Hacking

Why success is like a birthday cake


A client of mine told me this morning that she will have hit a million dollars in revenue over the year, which will be a significant increase from the previous year. And as I reflect on her journey to achieving this fantastic milestone, I had a big realisation. Success comes in stages. Sometimes when you’re […] Read more…

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How To Identify Your Most Profitable Customers

How to identify your most profitable customers

Do you know how to figure out who are your most profitable customers? In business, we shouldn’t treat our customers like parents treat their children. We absolutely SHOULD love some customers more than others! Let me explain. And in the process, I’ll give you some insight into your customers, and explain how to build your business […] Read more…

How to deal with business mistakes and thrive


Setbacks happen in business. It’s impossible to avoid dealing with failure on some level. Sometimes you make a mistake. Sometimes, someone else makes one that impacts you in your business. And sometimes, things change in the industry or market forces conspire against you. How you deal with business mistakes and failures will be the making […] Read more…

How to Grow Your eCommerce Sales on Autopilot

How to grow your eCommerce sales on autopilot

So you want to grow ecommerce sales on autopilot? And do you want to do that without having to work a million more hours a week than you already are? I don’t know about you, but I gave up “working for da man” so I could STOP trading dollars for hours! Sure you need to […] Read more…

Want to start a business? Learn from my mistakes…

5 Things I'd do if I started my business over again

Here are 5 things I’d do if I were to start my eCommerce business from scratch in 2017 I started my first eCommerce business in 2007. Not that long ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago. Entrepreneur years are like dog years, I reckon! Obviously, things are different in 2017 compared to 2007 when […] Read more…