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12 best ways to boost ecommerce sales fast

Boost ecommerce sales fast

Not getting enough sales through your eCommerce store? Whether this is a sudden thing or a long term issue, you probably want to boost your eCommerce sales – FAST! Unfortunately, all businesses go through periods of time when their sales slow down or decline. I remember that feeling. And even though you know that whole “build […] Read more…

How To Run A Successful eCommerce Product Launch


How To Turn One Time Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers

How to increase repeat purchase

If you increase repeat purchase rate by 5%, you can potentially increase your profitability by up to 95%! Most eCommerce stores spend the majority of their marketing dollars on driving cold traffic and converting new customers. But did you know that 40% of the average online store’s revenue is generated by only 8% of its customers? […] Read more…

10 secrets to a successful Christmas promotion


The most magical time of the year has taken over our minds and to-do lists. Apparently it’s only 5 weeks until Christmas, which kinda freaks me out! Personally I can’t even start thinking about Christmas shopping until the last birthday of the year is over on November 25th. (I’ll never forget having an exactly 1-month […] Read more…

Anatomy of a Highly Profitable Customer

Anatomy of a highly profitable customer

The first step in any business is to confirm you actually have a market for your product. You want to be sure you will have customers buying from you. For sure, recruiting new paying customers is no small feat, but there’s no time to rest on your laurels – you’re only halfway there. The next […] Read more…

7 Steps to a Successful Product Launch

7 steps to a successful product launch

Planning a new product launch or promotional campaign in your business? Either for your online store, or wholesale? There are a number of essential ingredients that produce a successful product launch or campaign result. Make no mistake – “winging it” will never give you as good results! (As they say – if you fail to […] Read more…

How to Increase Sales by 30% with Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing isn’t really new, but it’s an increasingly popular way for brands to market their wares. Basically, the term means, people of ‘influence’ sharing content about your brand or products with their audience. And the reasons to use influencer marketing are pretty convincing: Increased website traffic, Gain access to highly targeted and engaged audiences, […] Read more…