The holiday season is peak sales time for most eCommerce retailers. Here’s what marketers need to do now to maximize your Christmas Facebook ads around this end-of-year sale period.

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How to run Facebook ads that convert like crazy this Christmas

Watch your relevance score

As we get to the pointy end of the year, the number of advertisers actively promoting on Facebook increases dramatically.

One thing you’ll notice is that the brands with the bigger budgets are dropping some serious cashola on their FB ads. (Well, “der” you may be thinking!)

What this means for those with smaller ad budgets is important:

Facebook ads are an auction process and all advertisers are competing for a slice of the newsfeed pie.

The space on the newsfeed devoted to ads is finite. Therefore, ads will generally go to the advertiser willing to spend the most.

HOWEVER, there is one way you can still compete, and that’s by having the highest relevance score.

What’s a “relevance score”?

Inside your Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll see a ‘relevance score’ marked against each ad. The score is out of 10, with 10 being the best.

Basically, it’s a rating of how relevant your ads are to the audience. A higher relevance score usually means lower costs on your ads so more people will see them.

Also, if your ads have a high relevance score and another (big) brand has a low relevance score, then your ads should be shown more often than theirs.

If you have a low relevance score, your audience targeting may be off, OR your ad creative (images and text) or offer are not resonating with your audience.

Here’s the best way to help improve your audience targeting.

Use custom audiences

Rather than boosting posts to your Facebook page, or targeting broad interests, it’s time to start using Facebook’s custom audiences in your targeting.

Two of the best for eCommerce include uploading a CSV file of your email subscriber list, and people who have engaged with your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Email list custom audience:

Create a custom audience of your email list

Page engagement custom audience:

Custom audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook or Instagram page

Both these two custom audiences are HIGHLY targeted with your warmest audience.

Once you’ve got these two custom audiences set up, then you want to create Lookalike audiences.

Basically, this allows Facebook to use its sophisticated algorithm to find other people similar to those very warm audiences.

Use dynamic product retargeting ads

Christmas Facebook Ads eCommerceOne of the coolest options in Facebook Ads Manager, is the ability to show ads to people featuring the specific products they viewed on your website.

This means, you are showing images of the products people literally just looked at on your website, along with some text about your Christmas special offer (if you have one).

It’s a bit of a fiddle to set up – you need to be using the Facebook Business Manager, and then you need to set up a Product Catalogue.

If you’re on Shopify, it’s dead simple. Or if you’re on WordPress, the easiest way is to get the plugin Pixel Your Site.

These ads are INCREDIBLY effective at converting to sales at a great price! So definitely worth the effort.

Test different creative

A lot of people ask me, ‘what images should I use? What text should I write in my ads?’

Well, Facebook has just rolled out a cool new feature called Dynamic Creative.

Facebook Dynamic Creative

(It’s not available for everyone yet, but check to see if you have it – you’ll find it in the Ad Set level of your Facebook Ads Manager.)

Basically, this Dynamic Creative feature allows you to test different creative elements, such as images, text, headings and buttons. And the best bit is, Facebook automatically tests the different variants, to produce the most cost efficient results.

If you don’t yet have the Dynamic Creative feature in your Ads Manager, never fear. You can still test different ads by using different images, text and headings. You’ll just need to set them up manually.

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