So. The average Ecommerce website converts at only 2%. That means, 2% of your website visitors will buy from you. 

Yet, we have several clients whose websites regularly convert at between 3-7%!

Part of that comes down to having a well-designed website and a great product. 

BUT there are several things that you can easily implement on your website today that will help you to improve your own website conversion rate. 

For example…

Have you ever wondered what colour your “add to cart” button should be?

Or whether you should spend time putting an abandoned cart strategy in place?

Or tried to work out if it’s worthwhile getting Afterpay (and all the fees it entails)?

All your questions and more are answered today!

Listen as I share 9 easy (and mostly free!) tweaks you can make to your website to win more sales.

Listen now.

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2 Comments on 9 Easy Website Tweaks You Can Make To Win More Sales

  1. Thank you Catherine Langman… just listened to Episode #22 with your Easy Website Tweaks and am so thankful to you. Love the way you just lay it all out, clearly, practically and even throw in suggestions for recommended apps to use, brand examples to look at etc. Very helpful. For a gal just starting out, this is gold!

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