How To Run A Successful eCommerce Product Launch


How To Turn One Time Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers

How to increase repeat purchase

If you increase repeat purchase rate by 5%, you can potentially increase your profitability by up to 95%! Most eCommerce stores spend the majority of their marketing dollars on driving cold traffic and converting new customers. But did you know that 40% of the average online store’s revenue is generated by only 8% of its customers? […] Read more…

How to Wholesale – an Introvert’s Guide

How to Wholesale - an Introvert's Guide

Do you want to wholesale your products – but the thought of cold calling put you in a cold sweat? “Cold calling” is picking up the phone and calling people you don’t know with the view to selling them something. I’m not sure about you, but when I first started my business the thought of […] Read more…

7 Proven Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

As eCommerce business owners, I’m sure we all set out to meet our customers’ expectations. But as a customer, do we tell our mates about a shopping experience (or any experience) that simply meets our expectations? No, I don’t think we do. I’ve personally had several recent online shopping experiences that were fine (I did […] Read more…

How To Create An Ecommerce Facebook Ad Funnel

How to generate a profitable ROI with your Ecommerce Facebook Ads Funnel

Wondering how you can sell more products on your online store using Facebook ads? Or looking for tips to target your customers through their buyer journey? In this article, you’ll discover the exact steps my client Diana from Milkbar Breastpumps took to build an effective, profitable eCommerce Facebook ad funnel. How we generated a profitable […] Read more…

How To Get Free Product PR In Major Media

How to get free PR in major media

How cool would it be if you could get your business or brand in front of a big captive audience full of your ideal customers – for free? That’s exactly what PR can do for you. PR, or public relations, means gaining exposure to the audiences of media (such as news media, magazines, TV, radio) […] Read more…