Case study: How to sell products like a #bosslady

Client case study: 540% sales growth

Are you like many Productprepreneurs I know? You’ve spent months, maybe years, coming up with your brilliant product. Your blood, sweat and tears went into creating your brand and establishing your business. You lost sleep (not to mention, you almost threw your computer out the window several times) whilst building your website. You launched with […] Read more…

How to fix a traffic and conversion problem

How knowing your metrics can influence sales growth online

Part 1: How understanding your metrics can influence sales online. It seems everywhere I turn lately, I see small business owners struggling with a drop in sales, both online and offline. Is it the election? Is it a wider economic downturn? Is it because of end of financial year? Clearly businesses are hurting. The stress […] Read more…

How to Sell (Without Being Salesy!)

How to sell without being salesy

Learning how to find your customers and then getting comfortable ‘selling’ is a huge deal. Converting website visitors, email subscribers and social media followers into customers is a huge deal and generating consistent profit is the goal for all of us, right? This week I’m a guest on the Mums With Hustle podcast, where I walk […] Read more…

Do your customers love you?

Customers Remember How You Make Them Feel

Last week I wrote about how cultivating satisfied, happy, loyal customers is the secret sauce to growing a profitable online business. Because the most profitable sales are the repeat sales made to existing customers. Constantly finding new customers and only selling to them once is an expensive process and not particularly profitable. I also outlined an […] Read more…