How to know what to focus on


To make this year your most successful in business yet Do you like to start the new year by setting some goals and creating a business plan? Typically when I speak to business owners, their goal is usually something like this: “Increase sales by 20%” And then they continue working on the same kinds of […] Read more…

How the Accidental Productpreneur made 6 figures in 12 months!

Building a 6 figure business in 12 months

What is your business goal for the next year? 6-figures for the year? or per month? Let me show you what’s possible… Bodypaint artist – Wendy Fantasia | Photographer – Hilary Wardhaugh Photography Meet Rachelle, who achieved 6-figure turnover in her first 12 months! I call Rachelle Panitz “The Accidental Productpreneur”! She launched non-profit So Brave, […] Read more…

How to get from super stuck to killing it

client case study 3900% sales growth

How one brand owner achieved 3900% sales growth in 12 months That heading sounds completely incredible, right? Like, almost unbelievable? It’s no joke though! Twelve months ago, Kristy Rigby from Babiators Australia was struggling to make ends meet in her business. She knew she had a great product with awesome potential (kids sunglasses in a country as […] Read more…

Is the story behind the product important?

Tell your brand story and the sales will flow easily

Shouldn’t you just focus on selling? “Getting your product into retailers (or selling it online) is the number one thing. The story behind the product is secondary, it’s not important.” This was the advice given to one Productpreneur I spoke to recently. And it nearly broke my heart! Let me tell you why…. As product […] Read more…

How One Mum Grew Her Online Sales By 600%

How a Mum grew her online sales by 600%

How did you come up with the idea for your business? What was that moment of inspiration for you? For me in my last business it was my son and wanting to use eco-friendly nappies (diapers). For my client Laura of Snotty Noses (how COOL is that business name?), it was her sick baby. She […] Read more…

4 Powerful Lessons from 4 Business Superstars

4 powerful lessons from 4 business superstars

Yesterday I arrived home after a truly inspirational weekend at the AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards. And I just had to share with you my top take-outs and highlights! Trust your instinct During Susan Pearse’s presentation, we learnt about how the women’s style of leadership is actually more effective in the chaotic, fast-changing business environment we […] Read more…